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We generously distribute our radio show station lists to young artists who are trying to get their music heard by the general population. Those same stations host many of our professionals, presenters and leaders to educate their own audience on the most inspirational information available today.

Authors, musicians, psychics, doctors, professors, and leaders of all kinds gather to Gemjin to help YOU succeed and understand success in your very own life! Success and happiness do not have to elude you. Educated and uneducated people alike suffer many of the same maladies that afflict a person's ability to experience true joy and self loving. Nurture yourself and others to the greatest abundance of life. Participate! Merch coming soon! WE DO NOT TAKE DONATIONS We will find ways the contributors and listeners can help support the station. Weekly email lists and spam and all that just turns my stomach. Thank you to everyone who has offered to contribute to the growing 'cost of opperations' here at Gemjin. I am putting in two new shows this season and hope we have a wonderful and prosperous new year, ripe with the fruit of amazing contributions to music, self expression, and further binding our connectedness to one another..



We already shine our stars.
Gemjin is one of the longest standing digital radio stations that truely supports Independant artists, poets, philosophers, spiritualists, and scientists making discoveries in all areas of human development. No one pays to have music played on Gemjin. No one pays to listen to it. Everyone freely enjoys submittions from all genre in all languages. Send music you created to dj @ gemjin .com and introduce yourself to the DJ [CLEAN music only, no ethnocentric slang, vulgarity, or insults are played on air., if we catch them]


Philosophy & Spirituality

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Authors, seminar teachers, and spiritualists join the growing list of Gemjin adventurers and ambassadors.







Education & Appreciation

Livew Question and Answer Sessions
We bring world leaders working on the cutting eldge of development in scientific fields of psychology, Hyper Baric Oxygen treatment, Physics, Astronomy and more. We urge you to share the feeds when these guests are live. So much darkness and fear is dispelled with knowledge. Share the light!


Product Overview

We are a small public service that runs one of the most visited Digital Radio stations on the Net. Our information & personal help content websites are patronized from citizens all over the world. We serve several hundred per month, and have costs like all popular websites: servers, hosting, licenses and software. To protect our independence we do not take government funds. We run on offerings, sales, profits from services, host fees, and sales

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Everyone owns and operates a one digital devise or another. Almost everyone with a credit card has made an Online purchase in the last 45 days. Make sure they are purchasing from you! Let them all know YOUR PRODUCT is not only an option, the THE best choice. Audio branding is the NOW

take advantage of our low cost saturation plans.

Digital and Web connects
Mobile Apps Search Gemjin Radio on most major audio players and smart-phone apps. Digital is the NOW, and will be for a long time to come. We are honored to serve our global community. Tune in to the station using any of the modern listening agents and app's .,

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